Monday, March 9, 2009

Internet Blog

The Internet is such a great tool for student learning when used correctly. I use the Internet now in my classes mainly for research purposes. I also use the Internet for my Edline page which I update regularly with links and information for both students and parents. My textbook offers online virtual labs which we sometimes utilize during class.

When I give an assignment that uses the Internet I really try to guide the students use of the Internet. I normally give the students the websites I only want them to search. Sometimes I find a great educational website that has great links to kid friendly sites that I instruct my students to use. ( has a great assortment of links for science teachers and kids)

At this point, I am going to offer my students the option of creating a newsletter or Photo story for their final project. I am going to try tackling the Photostory in class Tuesday. I have never really used this program before, so I am excited about seeing what I can accomplish with it. I also hope to use Open Mind to help organize thoughts for this project.

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